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“ Education Is Very Important” – Odunlade Adekola On Why He Returned To School
10-09-2017, 12:40 PM,
“ Education Is Very Important” – Odunlade Adekola On Why He Returned To School
Nigerian household name Odunlade Adekola spoke
with Premium Times in his recent interview about why
he decided to return to school to further his
Read excerpts below:-
PT: Is it true that you are presently an undergraduate
at the University of Lagos?
Odunlade: Yes I am presently in 500 Level at the
University of Lagos studying Business Administration.
As a student, I loved business studies and anything
that pertains to leadership.
That is why I am studying Business Administration. I
am also of the opinion that when you study Business
Administration, you can fit into any profession.
As we all know, if you have a lot of money and you do
not know how to manage it, you would squander it in
no time. If you are a doctor, heading a hospital, and
you don’t know how to manage the hospital, the
establishment can pack up.
So, the knowledge of business administration is the
key to the smooth running of any organisation. I
already have a diploma from the Moshood Abiola
PT: You are already a household name, why return to
Odunlade: I am a firm believer in knowledge acquisition
so I always tell young actors, who want to enter our
industry to get an education first. In fact, if you tell me
you are interested in acting, I will ask you what you are
doing presently.
If you say you are currently in school, I will advise you
to finish before you join the movie industry. Even if
you are learning a trade, make sure you are certified
before you join the movie industry.
If you are seeking to gain admission into the
university, ensure you complete your studies first
before you come into the movie industry.
If you fail to do so, once you become a famous actor,
it will be difficult for you to go back to school.
Education is very important in anything you do in life.

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