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6 truths you must learn before you become rich
03-14-2018, 03:20 AM,
6 truths you must learn before you become rich
I am not rich yet I am learning these principles and have
decided to share them with you.
It is best that you know these truths now, while you are
still working your way up the ladder so you will be better
prepared when you get to your destination.
1. Know what makes you happy
If you are waiting to become rich before you become
happy then you will be one hallow, rich woman.
Happiness does not come from wealth. It is what you
use the wealth for that makes you happy. Until you find
a worthwhile reason to be rich, you will just have money
for nothing.
2. Value people
Relationships are currencies in their own right, more
valuable than actual money. Treat everyone you meet
with respect and preserve the right relationships.
3. Humility
It is not meant for the poor. If you have a stinking
attitude now, you limit your chances of becoming
wealthy. Even if you do, you would be a rich woman no
one wants to have anything to do with (except to cheat
you, perhaps). Pride will push you to prove a point to
other by buying things you don't need.
4. Understand financial intelligence
Being prosperous doesn't mean you throw it around
anyhow. Be frugal, learn how to save and invest wisely.
You will need it to maintain your wealth.
5. Be hardworking
Those who work hard never lack bread. It might take a
while in coming but it will always come. When hard work
is ingrained in you now, it will never leave you after you
attain wealth, e.g. Mrs. Alakija or Mo Abudu.
6. Understand influence
With wealth comes some level of power. People will want
to be like you so build yourself up to be a woman of
substance, and not just materially so that you can
impact positively on others.

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